Smart CUP

Smart CUP is an all-purpose technical device to determine the amount of liquid in a glass, cup or bottle. It tracks the liquid intake over a given period of time and alerts its users if they do not drink enough. The field of application reaches from everyday life to the assistance of elderly people. Smart CUP encourages its users to drink exactly the amount they need to stay healthy. 

The device has two main components, the technical unit and a cover (CUP) which encloses the glass, mug or bottle. This CUP also connects the glass with the technical unit. The technical chip consists of a load cell, an attitude sensor, a Bluetooth-module as well as a wireless-charging-module, some warning LEDs and a buzzer. The measured data are sent to the custom-made Android-app via Bluetooth. The previously described alert is indicated by using the warning LEDs as well as an acoustic signal by means of the buzzer, moreover the alert is also shown on the Android-app. 

The CUP which is made of anti-slip silicone can be produced for all kinds of containers, nevertheless it is flexible to some degree as well. The CUP can be put in the dishwasher, whereas the technical chip can be rinsed by hand. 

Using Smart CUP is beneficial, because it supports its users to drink enough and therefore to stay healthy.

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